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How To Do Affiliate Marketing

If you’re wondering how you can start affiliate marketing in this article I’ll be discussing exactly how it’s done.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First of all let’s go over the basics of how affiliate marketing works. The idea of affiliate marketing is promoting a product and obtaining a commission on the product when a person buys that product through your affiliate link. Some of the most effective affiliate marketing programs include ClickFunnels, GetResponse and Bluehost.

In order to obtain traffic to your affiliate links you must make a website through either ClickFunnels, Bluehost or many other options. ClickFunnels is one of the best landing page creators in the digital marketing industry. To make a landing page with ClickFunnels you simply use the drag & drop editor and place your elements or widgets in to the landing page that you’re trying to create.

GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is one of the most effective email marketing software that's available in the email marketing industry today. To promote GetResponse as an affiliate I recommend creating your own blog and doing review articles on GetResponse versus other email marketing softwares. 

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost has a very good affiliate Marketing program and they offer $55 per user that signs up through your affiliate link. To start promoting bluehost as an affiliate I would again, create a website with blog articles comparing bluehost web hosting versus other web hosting providers.

Important Notes When Starting Affiliate Marketing

Before you start promoting any of these services as an affiliate, I recommend that you purchase them yourself and test them out while taking photos of your usage of the product to include in your articles. 

Testing these products for yourself will give you a much better idea of how they work. Once you use the products for long enough you’ll become much more experienced using them and hence you will be able to provide lot more useful information to your readers for your affiliate blogs.


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